Noe Tanigawa

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Growing up in Hawai’i is a wild sensory thing.  Squashed mangoes, long drives from the North Shore, bakey sun, water lapping, palm frond shade slithering over goza and sand.

Japanese esthetics figure in.  Apprenticed to a tea ceremony potter, Baizan Nakamura, in Japan.  I learned appreciation for the off-kilter, and wabi sabi.  Macho American ceramics with Peter Voulkos in Berkeley instilled a love for manipulating forms.

I work primarily in encaustic (wax) and gold leaf or in wax and oil on lutrador.

On radio, I’ve hosted jazz, urban Hawaiian, rock, and other music formats (loved them all) including at WQXR, the New York Times’ classical station in New York City.

Currently, I do stories about art and culture in Hawai’I for Hawai’i Public Radio.  These features have won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio and Television News Directors’ Association’s Edward R. Murrow Award.

Still stretching out under the shadows and shade.

2005 Noe Tanigawa